We are an online jewellery store but we understand that the convenience of an online store should not come at the cost of what makes a women fall in love with a piece of jewellery. The fact that the piece of jewellery is an object of beauty, a unique ornament which is going to make the women feel special. For a woman, the jewellery is an extension of her personality and she would want to customize it accordingly.  Online stores often forget this in an attempt to standardize products to lower inventory. We on the other hand want to make sure that every piece of jewellery we make has been personalized to delight the woman who is going to wear it. We are your personal jeweller first and an online retailer later.

 We are committed to offering the best value and best prices to our customers. We don’t advertise heavily nor have to invest in retail stores or lounges. This ensures that we charge you only for the product and not to cover our marketing and infrastructure costs.

 Every piece of jewelry purchased from AurikJewels is created according to the highest standards in the industry, our prices are not only competitive but also we have complete control from beginning to end over the production of your special piece.


Vijay singh Verma- Industry Expert & Manufacturing Head 

Vijay Singh Verma is the Managing director of Vijay Gems Pvt. Ltd and brings in "35" years of experience in designing and manufacturing jewellery of the highest quality. He is in charge of manufacturing at Aurik, making sure that the products you buy are created with the highest precision and quality.  

 He is passionate about jewellery technology and has been a pioneer in the industry. He was the first person to bring technology from Italy in the year 1975 to manufacture jewellery. He has worked with the best jewellery houses in the country and is well respected in the industry. He is also a government approved jewellery valuer. 

 Vijay also finds mention in the Limca book of national records for creating the world’s largest Christmas tree entirely out of gold, silver and a collection of   precious stones like rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds etc. The tree is two feet tall and 1320 grams in weight. Some of the stones are very rare and had been painstakingly collected for many years.


 Gaurav verma - Founder

Gaurav is the founder of AurikJewels. He is a passionate entrepreneur and this is his second venture. He is committed to building new ventures by combining technology and new age business models with traditional businesses. 

 Gaurav comes from a family which has set up many successful businesses the old school way. He wanted to do his own thing though and followed his interest in technology to build a career in it. He got a degree in computer science and then worked for Fortune 500 companies. And then the familial bond pulled him back.

 His first venture was to take hold of his family's traditional wire making business and completely turn it around. Today, it has ventured into new products like automotive cables, has a world class manufacturing facility and does business with the leading global brands.

 AurikJewels is his attempt to combine the personalization of traditional jewellers with the benefits of choice, convenience and price that online jewellery stores offer. Armed with his father-in law's rich jewellery manufacturing expertise and his own background in technology, he is committed to provide the traditional experience of personalized care and luxury to his online customers.  The jewellery will combine exceptional gems, flawless craftsmanship and a bit of your personality

 He isn't taking any shortcuts. He's got himself certified as a gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and spent time in workshop to understand what it  takes to make  the finest jewellery. 


Shweta Verma- Chief Designer

 Shweta is the resident designer for Aurik Jewels. She is key to executing Gaurav's vision of creating the finest jewellery, providing the traditional experience of personalization and selling it online.

 She is a trained jewellery designer who has already made a name for herself. She has put together all the new catalogues for Vijay Gems and her designs are being used by leading jewellery houses in the country.

 She has put together a new range for AurikJewels and is looking forward to helping customers create their own personalized jewellery.

 She loves to read, paint, travel and experiment with designs from traditional to contemporary.