We at Aurik jewels create jewellery to keep one thing in mind and that is each piece is unique and One-of-a-kind.

The diamond is the ultimate jewellery classic. For our Creative Director, the concept of classic is the starting point, the basis and reference for all of our design inspirations. The challenge is to renew this innate classicism, make it fresh, modern and relevant to women today. To bring a new soul and enchantment to classic diamond jewellery, in particular to revitalize the two most iconic enduring forms, the solitaire and the diamond line.

Every piece of jewelry purchased from AurikJewels is created according to the highest standards in the industry and in line with our never-ending pursuit of continued self improvement to exceed your every expectation.

As we and our sister concern Vijay Gems Pvt. Ltd. design and perform the entire manufacturing process of all our jewelry in-house, our prices are not only competitive but also we have complete control from beginning to end over the production of your special piece.All items are brand new and never used and refurbished.

  • Beauty of Designing
Designing Designing

Jewelry designing is the process of creating, crafting, producing or rendering designs for jewelry. Jewelry designing is the preliminary step to make any jewelry item. Jewelry designs are usually created or crafted by a jewelry designer, a professional who is trained in the jewelry architecture and hold functional knowledge of metallurgy and design elements such as composition and wear-ability. These designs are created on the basis of future trends and customer's taste.

  • Beauty of diamonds
Assorting Diamonds Assorting Diamonds

Diamonds are assorted on the bases of size, Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Fluorescence, Polish and Symmetry Proportions verification to ensure that all diamonds meet AurikJewels standards.

Beauty of Handcrafting
  • Casting with the stones
Diamond Setting Diamond Setting
Diamond Setting Diamond Setting

Production of wax replicas from rubber molds, which are further prepared in a form of wax tree and a molten material such as metal is poured or forced into a hollow mold and allowed to solidify within the mold and then ejected or broken out to get a fabricated jewelry part.

  • Finishing
Filing Filing
Filing Filing

Under this process the surface of a piece is cleaned or polished or textured. Usually all jewelry items require finishing. Finishing is very essential part of a jewelry manufacturing process as it gives beauty and brilliance to a jewelry piece.

  • Quality Control
Designing Quality Check

Quality Control is applied at each step of the handcrafting process this is carried out as follows:

Waxing:  Great care is taken over checking waxes. We re-check waxed items with the master model on shrinkage, size and shapes.

Polishing:  Each item is closely inspected, to make sure of its flawlessness, beauty and brilliance.

Soldering/Assembling: Accuracy of soldering and its finishing is closely examined.

Setting: Confirmation of perfect setting, symmetry, cleanliness, through a vigorous stage-by-stage verifying system. Prongs and stone cases are strictly scrutinized for correctness of shape and presence of irregularities.

Finishing: Stone setting is checked for appropriate fixing and cleanliness. Shining, overall stamping and quality of plating is also scrutinized at this point.

The craftsmen work closely with our quality control teams in each department, ensuring that quality standards are not only met but exceed our customers’ expectations.

After this rigorous in house testing and quality check we reassure the quality of our product by third party inspection with reputed labs like Identical Diamond & Gemological Laboratories(IDGL) or International Gemological Institute (IGI) or Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for solitaires.

Finally each piece of jewellery gets a certificate of authenticity from these reputed laboratories, the certification covers gold quality and weight and the diamond/gemstone quality, weight, and shapes along with the product image. The gold is Hallmarked. All solitaire products are accompanied with the original lab certificate of the loose diamond. All our loose diamonds are certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI) or European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). We adhere to the international conflict diamond policy.